Thursday, December 10, 2015

More Joy

Not quite 12 x 12 (more like 18 x 36) but it is my JOY quilt.
Part of the :"Dare to Dance" Project and published in the block of the same name.
And a pattern is available in my etsy shop.

Love Birds
Original design by Sandra Starley

Hope you are feeling the joy!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Joy's Joy!

Joy's Joy

Recently I have been thinking about finishing up the couple of words that I missed.  I have small knitting/spinning group that meets every couple of weeks. One of our group is named Joy. I had an idea pop up, Joy's joy is spinning!  Her birthday is this week, so I wanted to make a surprise gift of a 12x12 art quilt. I took photographs one meeting when the others had their wheels spinning yarn. I am in search of a wheel of my own, so pretended that this was a scouting job.  I quilted "twist" into the background and used a bit of my spindle spin yarn for the bobbin and tail of fiber. Karen's husband (a woodworker) provided the hanging stick. Joy loved this gift!
Inspiration photo of Joy spinning on her wheel.