Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here is my "Cold" quilt, actually finished on time. Now I have to go back and do "Frogs" and "Peace." Sigh. You can't see from the picture, but the white snowflake fabric is sparkly with silver metallic. It's quilted in sparkly thread as well.

My first idea was to do a sunprint of snowflakes, inspired by a quilt in "Quick Strip paper Piecing" by Peggy Martin. I took a week long seminar from her in late August/early September. However, things got crazy when I got home. Had to get ready for Quilt Fest, and then we left town in our RV for a month. When we got back (a week ago), the sun-printing season was definitely over!

The quilt I ended up making is one of the blocks in Peggy's sun-printed and paper-foundation pieced quilt. I wanted it to evoke snowshoeing in the Uintas on a sunny Sunday morning, right after a snowstorm. The sky is so blue it almost hurts, and the snow just sparkles.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cold Night in Maine

Yea! My first project finished. I started this yesterday morning and couldn't stop until it was finished! The snow is batting, wool felt pine trees, cardinal button and white metallic thread for the quilting.  We spent many winters in rural Maine and there were many nights that looked like this.  It's so quiet that you can almost hear the snowflakes hit the ground.  The cardinal is there because I love them and the quilt needed a dab of color.

Cold Night in Maine

By Bev D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Baby it's Cold outside!
I suppose today is an appropriate day for my "Cold" quilt to make it's debut because we had our first snowfall.  My yard is covered with about an inch of the beautiful stuff but it won't be there for long since it is warm enough that everything is melting already.

I had many ideas go through my head for Cold: cold turkey, cold shoulder, cold feet, snow, ice, icicles, and snowmen to name a few. I sketched out many of these ideas but when it came down to the wire this frosty face was the image I decided to go with. My son says it looks more like an image of warm than cold because of the big puffy coat. However my thinking was more along the lines of a cold so frigid that even a big puffy coat will not keep you warm. A chill so cold that you don't want to open your eyes for fear of freezing your eyeballs. Perhaps I need to add more frosty bits (glitter perhaps?) along the scarf and face to better convey a more frosty image?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fire and Ice or Chill Flashes

My first thought with the word ”cold” was of Superman’s icy lair from the movies. So lots of sharp angles of ice. And since I knew I was taking a foiling class at Quilt Fest I thought the silver foil would make it look icier. And then there’s the issue of hot flashes which seem to be coming regularly these days. And the cold feels good then. I have even been know to duck into the produce or dairy rooms at Costco for relief.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


When the word was pulled for this month and I heard "Cold", I immediately knew that I wanted to make a snowflake from that word. Knowing that I am still computer challenged, I had my wonderful son, Jer, bail me out again. He took the word, reversed it, rotated it, mirror imaged it, and whatever else he had to do to get it to look like this. We then copied it onto freezer paper, ironed the letters onto white wool felt, and cut them out, and machine appliqued them onto the blue background. The polar bear completes the image I had invisioned. I hand beaded the background with small seed beads, gave it a binding and labeled it. It meets my expectations, and thanks again Jeremy.
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Monday, October 19, 2009


Frog by Anne
I had this piece of fabric that I dyed and thought I saw a frog in it. Especially the yellow eyes. He emerged from the background but still remains hard to see. Which makes him smile.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Frans Frog

I thought a little humor was needed when I created this frog quilt. The "self portrait" is inspriation from Yvonne Porcella. The quilt is fused, machine quilted and embelishments added.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Chip's Frog

This depicts the frog of a horse's hoof. Chip was my once-in-a-lifetime horse. He was a Thoroughbred, off the track, and had been abused. Once Chip figured out he had his home for life, he stuck like glue to me - he preferred his mom to the herd! He was a show hunter and we won a lot together. When he retired from jumping, we dabbled in dressage and went on trail rides. My trainer used to call us her "Black Beauty" story because Chip never settled down at the show grounds until I arrived.

Chip's Frog Redux
I felt that my 1st attempt at Chip's Frog wasn't so good, so I redid the whole thing. I like this better.
(I am really starting to get in to making pictures with thread!)
Anyway, again, Chip was a horse; this is my depiction of his "frog."