Friday, August 20, 2010

A Bad Movie

A Bad Movie

This is my matinee quilt gone bad. I had planned to hand stitch "film" on it, but my hands have been hurting a lot lately. a dope, I used the sewing machine - my nemesis! - and I will just deal with it later. So, for now, this is it! The End!


My first thought of the word Matinee was the marquee outside the theaters of my childhood.
There were several theaters with the name of the theater in large letters that would light up at night.

I pondered how fancy to get with the building as well as the scaffolding that held up the sign and which angle. I concluded that simpler is usually better and 
I decided I wanted the sign to look like I was standing on the street looking up just before participating in one of my favorite activities with my Mom and Sister.