Friday, October 16, 2009

Chip's Frog

This depicts the frog of a horse's hoof. Chip was my once-in-a-lifetime horse. He was a Thoroughbred, off the track, and had been abused. Once Chip figured out he had his home for life, he stuck like glue to me - he preferred his mom to the herd! He was a show hunter and we won a lot together. When he retired from jumping, we dabbled in dressage and went on trail rides. My trainer used to call us her "Black Beauty" story because Chip never settled down at the show grounds until I arrived.

Chip's Frog Redux
I felt that my 1st attempt at Chip's Frog wasn't so good, so I redid the whole thing. I like this better.
(I am really starting to get in to making pictures with thread!)
Anyway, again, Chip was a horse; this is my depiction of his "frog."

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