Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nature's Chaos

Yeah, I'm with you Beverly. I wanted to get away from the obvious. With the Christmas season coming on, and a timely walk in the woods, I began thinking about Nature's Chaos vs Man-made Chaos and found a lot of beauty in Nature's way.

I took several pictures and found myself rearranging the leaves to fit just so. This piece is the first photo I took (before I thought to rearrange), and guess what, it was the photo that looked the most natural and that I liked the best.

The center is a photo of leaves, printed onto fabric, just laying along the path in Nature's way of chaos. I've machine quilted over some of the leaves and added rock-like beads. The fabric border was painted using whatever leaf-like stamps I had. For the added leaves, I sewed onto stabilizer and organza.


  1. Beautiful! I love the organza leaves especially.

  2. Wonderful idea, the leaves are beautiful!

  3. I hope you bring this to our next USDG meeting, this looks like one you need to see in person!