Saturday, April 4, 2009

Comfort-Jer's Bucket

Kaye Evans-2009
This quilt represents what was going on in my life Jan and Feb of 2009. My son, Jeremy, was remodeling my kitchen, and watching 5 children, while his wife worked because he was caught in that economic lay-off that so many are experiencing at this time. He would come up and work at my house, bring along with him his bucket of tools, which contained screwdrivers, hammers, pliers etc. It was the typical remodeling story, sheetrock dust, sawdust, and stuff everywhere. I attended during that same time a class at Asilomar from Sue Benner, which was fantastic. She teaches collage. When, after a week I returned home, to the unfinished kitchen, my wonderful son and his bucket of tools, I decided to do this collage representative of that period in my life. Jeremy and I have always had a joke about his bucket of tools, every time he does some remodeling for me. Last summer it was the downstairs bathroom. When he leaves it at my house I know he will be back shortly, thus comfort, if he takes it with him it will be several days before he comes back. The top part of the collage represents the disarray in my kitchen, the bottom part is order restored when Jer is there with his bucket of tools. By the way, my kitchen is finished, and Jer did a beautiful job. I will miss Jeremy and his bucket of tools. Let’s see…what is my next project?

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  1. Very nice. I love the story with the quilt!