Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cold Margarita

"Cold Margarita"

I love cold weather better than the heat. (I know, I know...why do I live in AZ?!) When I saw the new word, "Cold," I thought not of being cold, but how to get cooled down in the heat. Hence, a frozen margarita! I had a lot of fun picking out fabric pieces. I happened on a sale on metallic threads and bought several. My Mother makes beaded bracelets, so she invited me over to look through her stash. White beads for the salt on the rim of the glass was my first thought. Once I saw all she had, I chose and sewed on more! The straw is made of clear, tubular beads. I had never used metallic threads, so that was an education in itself. As usual with this group project, I learned a lot by doing this one. Cheers!!

By Nancy

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