Thursday, May 5, 2011

HMQS 2011

As usual, we start with the sorting of quilts on a clean surface.
And then the mounting of the 12 x 12's begins. . . 
 and continues. . .
 and continues.
A rear view of the 12 x 12's.
 And a front view of the completed display.
 Here are the individual groups (in no particular order):

We also decided to hang the quilts 
from the last 2 Telephone Challenges.
2009 Challenge
 2010 Challenge

I hope you are able to go see the quilts in person because these photos do them no justice whatsoever!

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  1. It was fun hanging the show. Thanks for all the quilts that you made available, and for all the hard work each of you did. Thanks to to Lisa C., Lisa B., Anne M. and Bev D. for helping me with this task. How about next year? Kaye