Thursday, May 5, 2011

HMQS 2011

As usual, we start with the sorting of quilts on a clean surface.
And then the mounting of the 12 x 12's begins. . . 
 and continues. . .
 and continues.
A rear view of the 12 x 12's.
 And a front view of the completed display.
 Here are the individual groups (in no particular order):

We also decided to hang the quilts 
from the last 2 Telephone Challenges.
2009 Challenge
 2010 Challenge

I hope you are able to go see the quilts in person because these photos do them no justice whatsoever!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Green With Envy

For the word green I wanted to do a felting project. I like to use words in my quilts when I can and Envy just came to my mind.
I machine felting the background with felt, silk, yarns, organza, cotton, dyed batting, and dyed cheese cloth. I then took Lutradur and painted it and cut the letters out. They are tacked on so they are not completely flush with the background. I took another piece of Lutratur also painted and cut out a square, burned the edges and put it behind the E. I then quilted it along the lines of yarns and fabrics. I added sparkly beads and stones. I think it turned out nice. I like the touch the burned square adds.

One Tenacious Kitty

When the word tenacious was picked I immediately thought of my Kitty Love. She is my constant companion and cannot ever really be deterred from getting into everything. She especially loves to accompany me in my sewing room. She is a very sly thief!

I wanted to try thread painting after seeing it done in a Quilting Arts video. I printed a picture of Kitty on cotton poplin and cut it out applique style. I decided a "paint by number" type situation would be the way to go my first time. I then began to paint over the picture with tons of thread. The picture when it printed on the fabric didnt show all of the shadowing etc very well, so I still had to refer to the original photo constantly to get the shading and everything just right. I painted her eyes with acrylic paint, I added a collar made from a ribbon scrap an a free hanging name tag, and quilted the background simply by following the patten on the fabric. Even though I double stabilized it with iron on tear away, it still buckled a small bit. I think it turned out super good, I was really quite proud of my first thread painting. Next time Iwill do it exactly as the Quilting Arts video shows without a print underneath.