Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kasha's Comfort

Finally when I had the Telephone Quilt group over my house for the unveiling luncheon I got my idea for 'Comfort.' (Thank goodness it didn't involve dental floss!) I had recently hung a photo of my daughter, Kasha, in the hallway and walked by it showing the house to everyone. The photo is the one in the middle of the quilt. In the photo she has her favorite 'bankie' wrapped around her head - which she does often. Since she had 5 of these blankies, I cut one up and used it to frame the photo which Lisa C. had printed on fabric for me. I added some decorative stitches and beads to break up all the black space in the background and added a black border to tie it together. Bankie is on the back too. I figured it would be a memento for her. What a pain it was cutting that blankie, a polyester Traget item! I had fuzzy bits everywhere! Shifty too! So now she has 4.5 blankies. I rebound the one I cut up and she doesn't really notice the size difference. When Kasha saw it, she said 'cute!' and likes to lay down on it, point out the flowers and butterflies. She did see her cut up blankie in my suitcase (binding hanging and all) when I was getting ready to go on a quilting retreat, slapped her leg with her hand, tilted her head and said 'bankie, no!'

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