Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mama's Comfort Quilt

My comfort quilt is titled "Mama's Comfort Quilt" and completed it 2/12/09 right before we found out how really sick Payton was. (Payton Leigh Volz) She was a rescue at age 3, 12 hours from euthanasia, rescue group kept describing her as "sweet" so Ken named her after football great Walter Payton, whose nickname was "Sweetness." Payton had lots of issues to deal with in her life. She was a puppy mill mother before she was rescued. She had fractured her right elbow and it had not been fixed, so it healed badly. We had it fixed a few months after we got her. She developed an autoimmune disease when she was 7. We almost lost her. She spent 4 nights in the hospital and had a blood transfusion which saved her. In the past year and a half she had giardia also, probably picked up from some wildlife out back. She was glued to me until her last breath. We let her go and be peaceful on 3/4/09. Nancy

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Payton was lucky to found you, and it sounds like you gave her a wonderful life, with lots of "second" chances.